Good nutrition is vital for good health. I look at each person individually, from their lifestyle to their genetic history, offering sound nutritional advice to boost energy and wellbeing whilst reducing the chances of developing other conditions. Diet can assist various conditions we live with and will assist digestive issues, skin, weight, respiratory and muscular etc.  We should never underestimate the power of good nutrition and lifestyle which will benefit us mentally, physically and emotionally.  This is carried out with a full consultation whilst also looking at functional medicine and supplementation, if required.
Supplementation may be required in the form of vitamins, herbs or minerals. Supplements increase essential nutrients, boost the immune system, or alleviate a deficiency which cannot always be remedied by food alone. For example, vitamin D for bone health. Any supplementation is only given with full client consent whilst checking against current medication.
Diagnostic testing is carried out by a variety of clinics which I use to test for a nutritional and supplementation needs. They include stool tests, including parasitology; nutritional deficiency; gut imbalances; muscular pain and headaches; and a total One test, covering all the body’s individual needs.

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