Massage & Reflexology

Massage will aid relaxation and benefit you from relief of aches and tension held within the muscles. I use a variety of massage waxes or oils with your treatment being tailored to your own specific needs.  I carry out remedial massage for those specific areas where there is restricted movement or discomfort.  Pregnancy massage or reflexology can also be carried out after a full consultation.

Lymphatic drainage massage may be performed as a ‘de-tox’ or is wonderful for issues such as cellulite; scar tissue; oedema post surgery; skin conditions such as acne, eczema or sinusitis; fatigued legs/swollen ankles; and PMT.   A course of treatments is often carried out in order for the client to make a full recovery and may be used on injuries when other treatments would aggravate the condition.

Indian head massage is a treatment carried out fully clothed, working on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back, and the face. It is stimulating as well as relaxing and aims to bring oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and head whilst releasing tension and stiffness and increase mobility and range of movement.  This upper body treatment really gives you that alive feeling!

Reflexology is a treatment working on the pressure points of the feet, or hands, to give full relaxation. This treatment may aid detoxification, stress and other conditions such as digestive, skin and menstrual issues.  This can be carried out during pregnancy.

Hot and cold stone therapy is a  wonderful way to deeply relax, promote circulation, aid detoxification and may reduce inflammation.  The hot and cold stones used together help to balance the body.  This therapy is carried out with basalt and marble stones giving a delicious refreshed feeling.

Japanese facial rejuvenation aims to reduce wrinkles, oedema, tension and soften the skin by using a series of techniques including gentle tapotement – working on the tsubo points (pressure points) which will increase circulation whilst reducing toxins and puffiness.

Thai Yoga massage is a fully clothed treatment using stretches and yoga postures. It relieves tight muscles and improves movement and circulation whilst giving a feeling of total calm and relaxation.

Hopi candles are used to relieve blocked ears , tinnitus and vertigo. whilst gently relaxing the client as the candles contain beeswax and therapeutic herbs.

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